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Video: How To Solve Google Chrome’s Shockwave Flash Crash Problems (Solutions)

Video: How To Solve Google Chrome’s Shockwave Flash Crash Problems (Solutions)


Are you having issues with your chrome browser?

Click on Chrome

Type “Chrome://plugins/” (You’ll need to put a : before the two slashes and put one / after the letter e.

Then you need to click on Details.

Look for Shockwave Flash.

Disable the one that Chrome has.

You may want to see if you have the default one as shown here.

Disable the one with the chrome path.

If you don’t have the default then go to YouTube and click on any video, click on the warning link and that will take you to the Shockwave Flash Player site.

I already have the system 32 version.

Now you shouldn’t have any problems with Shockwave Flash Crashing in Google Chrome.


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