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How to Use and Download Virtual Machine Software for Windows 8


Sometimes we need to run two operating systems on a single PC. There are various ways to do that. You can install both the operating systems on different partitions of your hard drive. You can also have two OS installed on two different Hard disks and you connect the one you need. However there is one very simple way to do this. You can do it with the help of virtual machine software. In this article we share the steps to use and download virtual machine software for Window 8.This software is free and you neither need any partition of your hard drive nor do you require separate hard disks, with different Operating Systems. This whole process is called visualization. You basically create a model of an OS on your PC. This model is what we call a ‘virtual PC’ or a ‘Virtual Machine’.There is no connection between this virtual OS and the OS which is already installed in your system, they both run independently. One of the major advantages of using virtual machine is that you can exchange files between them, and use them both at the same time.However, you must understand that this virtual software doesn’t ‘model’ its own processor and relies on the system processor only.

So here are the steps to use and download Virtual Machine Software for Windows 8:-

Step 1 –

To do this you would need to install software. We recommend the “Oracle VM VirtualBox” which you can easily download by navigating to – Then install the software on your PC.

Step 2 –

Run the software. Initially, you will notice that the left part of the window is blank. This part lists the various virtual machines running on your system. Since none have been created it would be blank. To create, tap one click on the ‘New’ Icon. Following this a window would appear titled ‘Create Virtual Machine’. Next you need to type in the name of the virtual machine. As you can see in the image we have named it as‘Windows 8’. The other details will be updated automatically. Then hit ‘Next’.

Virtual Machine Software for Windows 8

Step – 3

Now you will see a window that determines the memory of your virtual machine. You should click on next by not changing the default value of ‘1024 MB’.

Virtual Machine Software for Windows 8 1

Step – 4

Here you select the virtual hard drive. Select the option ‘Create a virtual hard drive now’ followed by a click on ‘Create’. A Virtual hard drive of 25 GB will be created.

Virtual Machine Software for Windows 8 2

Step 5 –

The virtual machine you create is saved in a particular format on your system. Select the ‘VirutalBox Disk Image (VDI)’ option.

Virtual Machine Software for Windows 8 3

Step 6 –

The next option you need to select the storage of the virtual machine on your hard drive. There are two options ‘Fixed Size’ and ‘Dynamic Allocation’. The use of both of them is explained below. We recommend you to select the dynamic allocation option and then press ‘next’.

Virtual Machine Software for Windows 8 4

Step 7 –

Next you select the location of you virtual hard drive file and its name. Set this according to your preference. Also go forward with the default memory value and click on ‘Create’.

Virtual Machine Software for Windows 8 5

Step 8 –

You have finally created a virtual machine on your system. On the left hand side of the main window you can now see the name of your machine. The details are just adjacent to the name. However your machine is not working as of now. You can see that your machines status is shown as ‘Powered Off’. So turn it on you needs to click on the green arrow i.e. the ‘Start’ Button.

Virtual Machine Software for Windows 8 6

Step 9 –

A new window appears. This is the screen of your virtual machine. Ignore the error messages that might appear. Now you must note that the as of now we have only created a virtual machine on your system. You still need to install an blog/africa-2″ title=”View all articles about africa here”>” title=”View all articles about operating system here”>operating system. So select the image file where you have downloaded the OS. For example, we select the ‘Windows Trial 8’ file. After you select that go back to the main window and press start.

Virtual Machine Software for Windows 8 7

Step 10 –

Now the normal process of windows 8 installation will start. Select the details as per your preference.

Virtual Machine Software for Windows 8 8

Step 11 –

During some point you would be asked ‘which type of installation do you want’. As you know there was no earlier Operating System on your Virtual Machine, so you now need to select the ‘Custom’ option. The process will take some time to complete. In the meantime you can grab a coffee.

Virtual Machine Software for Windows 8 9

Step 12 –

After the installation is complete you would now see the Windows 8 screen. There is no difference whatsoever. You can now use Windows 8 as you would normally do on a separate PC.

Virtual Machine Software for Windows 8 10

Step 13 –

You can now use this Virtual Machine Software for Windows 8. All your settings will be saving automatically. If you want to shut down this then just hover over to ‘Machine’ Option on the VM VirtualBox and select ‘close’.

This is it you can now use and download virtual machine software for windows 8. However you must note that you can run any OS on this virtual machine, the steps remain exactly the same.

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