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The Best iPhone Apps For Movie Watching

iPhone Apps For Movie Watching

iPhone Apps For Movie Watching

You might have heard that today’s world is becoming more and more mobile, that modern smartphones are not just phones any more. They are mini-computers. And one of the most important features of pcs is video streaming and movie watching.
And current smartphones are some kind of pocket cinemas. They may stream any video that you can find on-line or on you SD-card. And mobile app development especially for iPhone is one of the best for movie-lovers.
And today I will present you a top list of apps for online video watching on your iPhone.
Are you keen on show watching? Get the recent series of beloved shows from CBS, CNET, NBC for free using this application. Most of the episodes are available for free watching except for the premium channels. But the price isn’t as high as it might be expected. It works both over Wi-Fi and 3G what makes the works fast and stable.
The application allows video streaming of more than 200 channels, American and not only. I believe that the price of 3$ will be nothing in comparison to the variety of channels you may watch. The only drawback is that it works on 3G connection which makes the streaming a bit slow.
TVU Player
300 channels, most of which are international including FOX, CBS, ABC and others, are available via this app. Cost? It is only about 5$. And what is more important it work over Wi-Fi.
These apps are available for you no matter what plan and carrier you have. But there are also application that require the specific subscriptions. So, here are several of them.
Sprint TV
Sprint users can enjoy video streaming via this mobile application. Even though it offers only15+ channels, it is a part of your plan and you won’t have to pay anything and the streaming is available over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.
Are you a Comcast customer? If yes, this application is just for you. TV and movies from such channels like Showtimes, TNT, HBO and other available for you.
Of course, there are more advanced iPhone applications, and you also may choose the one you like most or the one that is developed by your provider. The choice is yours. Enjoy your movie watching!

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