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Swarm Lands On Windows Phone

As Foursquare powers through its summer of change, the company is today launchingSwarm on the Windows Phone platform. Swarm is the breakaway app from Foursquare that now houses the beloved check-in. Rather than pairing the use cases of sharing ...


5 reasons why you should buy the Nokia X

Functional Dual SIM In this part of the world, we experience a lot of dropped calls and poor data connectivity. Almost everyone you come across have two SIM cards. With the Nokia X, you can house two GSM SIM cards in one phone. In the past, WhatsApp ...


Magnetic Revocharge Makes Charging A Snap

The folks at Revocharge are looking to make wireless charging quite a bit more convenient, with a little help from magnets. The product is being designed to work with a series of mounts and stands, as well as providing a portable battery that can ...


How to hard reset your Windows Phone

  If you ever need to hard reset your Windows Phone smartphone, here is a quick guide. note that a hard reset wipes out all your files stored on the device, your installed” title=”View all articles ...