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eBay Under Pressure As Hacks Continue

The BBC has now identified more than 100 listings that had been exploited to trick customers into handing over personal data. Over the weekend, readers got in touch with the BBC, saying they had attempted to warn eBay about the problem. The company ...

New cloud PC

About New Cloud Based PC

CloudGate is an Android-based desktop replacement that aims to deliver the rich environment of Android, and ability to access any Windows applications you need, all at a fraction of the cost of a desktop computer. CloudGate, the new computer from ...


Top Five Mobile Winners Of 2013

1 Samsung The Korean giant appears unstoppable. Despite its appalling Galaxy S4 launch (replete with not-so-casual sexism and Broadway–wannabe nonsense), the company has had a hugely successful 2013.It now has a third of all smartphones across ...