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How to Get Music Onto Your Smartphone

one of the advantages of carrying a smartphone is that it’s an all-arounder, and one of its killer features is that it can function as a personal media player. It’s functionality that an iPod or MP3 player would have provided a few years ...

samsung gear s

Samsung Announces Tizen-based Gear S Smartwatch

Samsung announces Tizen-based Gear S Smartwatch that can make and receive phone calls. If the LG G Watch R looks more like a traditional watch, Samsung’s Gear S looks more like some futuristic set piece from Star Trek. The Gear S is the latest in ...


India Creates Smartphone for the Blind

A company in India has created a smartphone for the blind. The smartphone, up to 3 years in making, will be equipped to read text and e-mails, and it converts the text to Braille. It will use shape memory alloy technology, which makes use of a ...

Sony Smart Watch2

Features Of Sony Smartwatch 2

The perfect Android wireless accessory. If your smartphone is an Android™, then this is the watch for you. SmartWatch 2 expands your Android experience and introduces new and exciting ways to live and communicate. It interacts with your smartphone ...


A Second Act For The Internet Of Things

There has been a lot of talk in the venture capital industry about automating the home and leveraging Internet-enabled devices for various functions. The first wave of this was the use of the smartphone as a remote control to manage, for instance, ...