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Self-driving cars

The Self Driven car is here

Self-driving cars have become a hot topic, but it will be a long time before drivers can sit back and let the car do all the work. Although reports from the promoters on Monday indicated that the innovation had finally landed, no words on when ...


The 4G Technology – Mobile Technology

The technological innovation plays a major part in our lives. When it comes to mobile technology, there are many new ideas brewing in the science labs of major companies. Today, mobile technology’s latest gist is the new 4G innovation. This ...


Tech Journalist Careers in Nigeria 2012

We are looking for a tech journalists from Nigeria to write original articles for growing tech news section on HumanIPO ( The topics surround Africa’s latest news about new technology, startup companies, funding, mobile devices, ...

Sony PS3′s Game-Playing Camera

Sony PS3’s Game-Playing Camera

Sony’s new PlayStation Eye, an interactive camera for the PlayStation 3, can record your moves while you play a game and use them to add interactivity to the gaming experience. PC World’s Greg Adler takes a look at this new technology ...