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How to Restore All your Lost Blackberry Messenger Contacts in 2 Mins


1.  On the Home screen, click your blackberry messenger icon

2. Once you’re in the app, click the menu button, scroll down and click options

3. Scroll down, under Backup Management, click restore.

4. There are two options :

a – Restore using email

b – Restore using a backup file from device

5. Click option B above

6. At this stage you should see some .bak files, choose the appropriate once and watch your all your contact come back.

Other Options:


  1. Retrieve BlackBerry Messenger Contact Data via a Wireless Network

    • 1

      In order to retrieve BlackBerry Messenger contact data using a wireless network, ensure that at least one email address is associated with the BlackBerry device.

    • 2

      Once the email address is identified, access the Home screen on the device and click the BlackBerry Messenger icon.

    • 3

      Press the “Menu” key on the device keyboard and select the contact list screen.

    • 4

      Select Options, then Restore. Choose to restore via email.

    • 5

      Select an email address if there is more than one, and click “Continue” twice to complete the process.

    Retrieve BlackBerry Messenger Contact Data Using a Backup File

    • 6

      Connect the Blackberry to the computer with a BlackBerry Desktop Manager installed. Open the Desktop Manager.

    • 7

      Select the Backup and Restore feature, followed by Restore.

    • 8

      Locate the backup file that contains the contact data. During the backup process, this file is stored in a default location unless an alternate location is selected. For Windows XP computers, this location is C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\, while Windows Vista stores backup data in C:\Users\<username>\Documents\.

    • 9

      Double-click on the backup file. This can be identified by its file extension: .ipd. To identify the most recent backup if there is more than one, highlight the file, press the “Menu” key, and select Properties to view its creation date.

    • 10

      Synchronize the Blackberry device with the Desktop Manager to restore the backup file containing the BlackBerry Messenger contact data. Select Yes when prompted to complete the installation.

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