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How To Turn Your Follows Into Funds

The driving force behind all social media platforms is the people who use them. With 1.28 billion and 255 million monthly active users between Facebook and Twitter respectively, there’s no denying the massive amount of activity that takes ...


How To Improve Battery Life On Your MacBook

Show battery percentage A feature that you should enable (if it isn’t already) is the battery percentage indicator. While this won’t actually increase your battery life, it will make it easier to monitor it. To enable the percentage ...


5 reasons why you should buy the Nokia X

Functional Dual SIM In this part of the world, we experience a lot of dropped calls and poor data connectivity. Almost everyone you come across have two SIM cards. With the Nokia X, you can house two GSM SIM cards in one phone. In the past, WhatsApp ...

google cardboard

How To Make A VR Headset Out Of A Pizza Box

Google announced a do-it-yourself cardboard virtual-reality kit at its I/O Developer Conference earlier this year. Unlike the Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus, the kit allows almost anyone to experience the joys of virtual reality ...


How To Prepare Your iPhone Or iPad For iOS 8

Apple announced the eighth major release of its iOS operating system at its Worldwide Developers Conference in June. The latest version of iOS include improvements to the Siri voice assistant, a new health and wellness app, and revamped ...