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7 tips for protecting your AWS cloud

The biggest thing to remember is that when customers use the cloud, security is not inherently provided for all workloads. AWS stresses that it has what it calls a “shared security” model. This means that AWS will provide the security of ...


How To Write A Standard CV

A curriculum vitae – popularly called a CV – is literally your work history, a summary of your educational and work experience, for the information of possible future employers. It’s a bit different from a résumé, in that a résumé is ...


The Importance Of Information And Data Backup

Information security is crucial both personally and within an organization given the volatile nature of most of our information and data storage systems. Computers and other smart gadgets fill our lives and data is the most important aspect of these ...


How To Take Advantage Of Google+

Seeing as most of us are almost permanently online, an entrepreneur and business man must spend time online wisely so that he generates visibility thus pushing his brand and business further.  Google+ is a social networking site that associates ...


How To Protect Your Email Account From Hackers

The electronic mail has long replaced the snail postal system which is exactly is what it is; snail-like, slow and inefficient. With numerous free email accounts to choose from, emails have made communication faster and cheaper. But a potential ...


IPTV Comes To Nigeria

Operators of telecommunication firms in Nigeria are planning investments to bring Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) service to Nigeria, a report by Research&Research has disclosed. The IPTV industry, with current global revenues of $29 ...


How to check your Internet connection

My first move when I think my own connection has dropped is to swear at the computer, then furiously click the “reload” button in my browser, then maybe shake my fist at the screen in futility. That rarely works for me, and I don’t ...