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Ojashop Set To Take Ibadan And The Whole Of Nigeria With A Boom – Jetheights Services Limited


Jetheights Services Limited announces today that the company has launched a new website –

Jetheights Services Limited has been in the business of ICT for more than four years and has, to its name, top website brands like (a job portal site for job seekers in Nigeria), (one of the top news site in Nigeria), (a top classified ad site), (job portal site for job seekers in Kenya), (Job portal site for job seekers in Ghana), (a website dedicated to latest technology news in Africa and beyond) to mention but few.

The latest addition,, is the first ecommerce website in the city of Ibadan. The aim of launching this site is to bring convenience and comfortability to the large populace of buyers in Ibadan and the whole of Nigeria at large. Unlike many ecommerce sites in the country, the site is very easy to use and has the best security tools for online buyers.

One of the features that make Ojashop different from other ecommerce sites is that buyers can call a particular line to order for their products if online purchase seems not to be convenient for them.

There are other features like Wishlist which enables buyers to add a particular product they wish to buy as time goes on. The product will be added in their wishlist and when the time for them to purchase it comes, they can easily access it and order for it.

Buyers can also view the products they intend to buy with a magnifying tool. This tool enlarges the product pictures so that buyers are very sure of what they are ordering for.

Ojashop is a full-service online shopping outlet and features a large varieties of products such as electronics, house and office appliances, baby/kid products, books, movies and music, clothing, shoes, wristwatches, beauty and health, computers, tablets and mobile phones and their accessories, and so on.

In addition, products purchased from ojashop are relatively cheaper than the market price. Also, there is free delivery on any order above ten thousand naira within the city of Ibadan, this has never happened before in Nigeria.

Ojashop is designed by the best website designers in the world, making navigation a wow experience for site visitors and purchasers.

There is nothing like one having personal experience, this is why everyone should visit today to certify these wonderful facts.


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