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Microsoft to reportedly unveil Windows 9 ‘Threshold’ on September 30


From the comeback of Start Menu to virtual desktops, the rumour mill has been buzzing with tidbits about Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 successor. Now, news has it that Microsoft has planned to unveil its next-gen Windows 9 platform codenamed Threshold at an event to be held next month on September 30.

 Sources have informed TheVerge that the event will be held on September 30, while a report by ZDnet claims Microsoft is ‘planning to release a preview version of Windows 9 in late September or early October’.

 The preview will offer developers a first look at the new mini Start Menu in Windows 9, adds the report. In line with the previous rumours, the report also talks about removal of the Charms bar, something we’ve heard previously. One can also expect a lot of UI changes. “Microsoft is currently compiling builds of Threshold ready for the preview that include an early version of Cortana, but it’s not clear if this particular feature will be made available as part of the technology preview,” further adds the report.

 Though most rumours hint the next version to be named Windows 9, it is also believed that Microsoft’s may not name it at the event next month. It may only reveal an overview of the blog/africa-2″ title=”View all articles about africa here”>” title=”View all articles about new features here”>new features.

 With Windows 8, Microsoft introduced a tablet-style UI on the conventional desktop mode, but many users were put off by the complexity of the OS, and the great learning curve. The company then introduced back the Start button in Windows 8.1 to ease the transition, and now Windows 9 is set to bring back the Start menu and windowed” title=”View all articles about apps here”>apps.

While the idea behind Windows 8 was to bring a seamless experience for mobile and desktop users, looks like Microsoft is now planning to take a complete U turn. With the upcoming platform, it is also believed that Microsoft is trying to woo desktop users and trying hard to bring resemblance to Windows 7 with its next iteration of desktop OS.

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