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UpdateWe’ve done some more digging to ascertain the veracity of these pictures – some elements seem to be missing or similar to other devices out there, so see what you think below:

The iPhone 6 may be announced September 9, and photos and renders have been leaking like crazy. There’s almost no reason for us to believe that what Apple will be announcing next month will be different from what we’ve already seen.

When the iPhone 5 was unveiled, it came as no surprise to anyone. Several images of the Apple handset leaked onto the Internet, as well as renders and phone cases.

With the upcoming iPhone 6, it’s not much of a different story. We’ve seen photo after alleged photo of the device, but we’ve recently acquired new images of the upcoming iPhone. This time, it’s pictured in its retailed box.


iPhone 6 leaked photos


A source tells us that these photos were taken by an Apple beta tester, but declined to give more information.

This is a new source for us, so we’re not saying with 100% confidence that these photos are authentic. But after having checked EXIF data, photo manipulation and doing a little background check on our source, there’s no reason for us to believe that these are fakes. Again, not 100% on that.


iPhone 6 leaked photos


The JPEG images aren’t of the best quality – they’re not as clean as we’d like and we wish we could see better phone details – but again, it seems they may be real.

Update: The issue then is not whether the images are real (which we feel they are), but whether they’re of an actual iPhone 6.

A bit more digging and points from commenters has yielded a couple of questions: where is the Health app on the front screen? Surely Apple would be promoting that on iPhone 6 packaging, given it’s going to be a key battleground this year in the war against Android.

But of more interest is the fact this phone looks quite similar to the Chinese ‘variants’ (read: clone knock offs) of the forthcoming iPhone 6, right down the size of the white lines running through and the picture on the front matching exactly – you can see these Asian models in multiple YouTube clips.


iPhone 6 leaked photos


Time will tell, of course, but one thing is certain: if these photos turn out to be real, the new iPhone 6 is going to be a handsome device, and it will also be remarkably thin. Moreover, even with the changes, it will still look very familiar and very much like an iPhone.

We’re also pretty excited for the new sapphire crystal glass front. One of our favorite YouTube reviewers, Marques Brownlee, got his hands on it and gave it a real effort before he could scratch the iPhone 6’s glass.

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