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How To Use S Pen On Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Now in its fourth iteration, the S Pen has evolved into a productive tool for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 users. Here are a few different ways to use it. Smart Select With the S Pen, you can collect various pieces of content appearing on the screen. When ...


Tips On How To Install Android Lollipop

Google has announced the final version of Android L, now officially called Lollipop. Anyone can install the final preview on their Nexus 5 or Nexus 7, but it’s unwise to do so if it’s your main smartphone or tablet. How to install Android ...


4 Ways to Combat Email Overload in the Office

Email is a problem for almost everyone, but in the office in particular, it creates distractions and consumes time that might be better spent doing actual work. Some people refer to checking and responding to email as “doing work about ...


How To Go Paperless In 5 Minutes

If you dream of the day when you’ll throw out your notebooks, business cards, and other scraps of paper and truly become a paperless person, why not start today? With a few tips and the right tools, you can get started being paperless right ...

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How To Keep Blogging When You’re Really Busy

Lots of us have busy lives, some with one or multiple kids, lots of commitments and bills to pay. But you want to be one of those people who creates interesting, useful content. You want to be in the 20% of online people who create valuable, ...


Get Organized: How to Unsend a Gmail Message

One of the most beloved features in all of email history is the ability to take back a message after you’ve hit Send. Lo and behold, Gmail has it. But few of us know about it, and fewer still know how to use it. If you’ve never noticed ...


How to Get and Install Windows 10

You can get Windows 10 now, but beware, it’s a very early and unstable software build. I tested on a Surface Pro 3$1,299.00 at Microsoft Store and not only did I see stability problems such as error messages when trying to run standard ...