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Smart watches

How to Make Smart Watches Not Worth Stealing

Someday your fitness tracking band or smart watch could detect whether it was on your wrist or someone else’s, providing a simple way to control access to your home, car, or office and perhaps dissuading would-be thieves.Technology honed at ...


How To Use Twitter

STEP 1 Create an account. Go to and click the green ‘Get Started’ button to join. Enter your name, user name, password, and email address, and you’re good to go. STEP 2 Decide what you want to say. In general, Twitter ...


How to Motivate Employees in Less Than 5 Minutes

1. Focus on the bigger picture. One of the most universal motivational triggers is connecting a current action with a bigger vision. For example, when you started your business, it’s very likely that you had some motivation beyond having a ...


How To Make Your Computer Virus Free

A computer virus can be a nightmare for every PC or Macintosh and even Chrome OS user (find more info on this post about disadvantage or advantages in using a Chromebook OS), and this, can be you. A small little thing includes a small file ...

How to Find other Websites of a Person?

Say you are on a website and would like to know which other web domains are owned by the same person who owns that website. Is it possible? Yes there are some easy workarounds (and tools) that can help you find domains owned ...