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IPTV Comes To Nigeria

Operators of telecommunication firms in Nigeria are planning investments to bring Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) service to Nigeria, a report by Research&Research has disclosed. The IPTV industry, with current global revenues of $29 ...


Philips Hue Lux Review: Smart Lighting For Less

If you’ve been eyeing the Philips Hue connected lighting series with keen interest but are also unwilling to spend the big bucks the current series demands, now’s your chance to get on board: Philips has kicked off pre-orders for the Hue ...


JUMP Cable Is The Right Smartphone Charger

Like many other users, the battery on my iPhone tends to die right before the end of the day. One obvious solution is to use a case like the Mophie, but I don’t like increasing the size of my phone. Another is to carry a battery charger around ...