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Top 10 Best Movie Apps for Movie Lovers

The advent of smartphones has given us access to almost everything that was available on the internet ‘literally’ at our fingertips! If you are a Movie Addict and haven’t yet scourged the smartphone app market to find out what lies in store ...


12 Halloween Costumes to Help You Geek Out

Halloween is the day to let your geek flag fly. Oh, you thought I was going to say freak? No. There are already enough vampires and zombies (Hollywood and otherwise) and serial killers (at least in New York) roaming around on All Hallows’ Eve. ...


Kim Kardashian On Being A Mobile Celeb

If you told a random member of the tech media a year ago that one of the biggest names interviewed by Kara Swisher at her own conference in 2014 would be Kim Kardashian West, you’d probably receive a dumb look and a quick dismissal. Yet that’s ...


What Kind Of Mother Is This?

Kim Kardashian forgets her baby in an hotel room! It looks like reality star, Kim Kardashian is more concerned with showing off her daily fashions for the paparazzi than her own child. A new video that has just surfaced online, shows Kim exiting ...

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Xbox One Launches In China

Chinese gamers have just witnessed their first major console launch since authorities lifted their 13-year ban on most video game systems. Following a last-minute delay, Microsoft has released the Xbox One in mainland China; people in 37 cities ...


How to Be a Soccer Goalie

To be a soccer goalie you have to be mentally tough, strong in the air, and not afraid to get hurt. Goalies have to have good positioning and they have to be fast and they have to have good ball handling skills. If the ball is near they should also ...