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The 15 Most Important Apple Watch Features


1. Communication

Tim Cook wants to reinvent the way we communicate without our phones. The Watch has a few interesting approaches.

  • Digital Touch: This feature is Apple’s way of advancing communication. Users can draw quick images to friends, using minimal effort.Related is the Watch’s Taptic Engine, which alerts you of notifications with a simple “tap,” probably similar to a vibration. You can also use the feature to send “taps” to a friend to get his or her attention.
  • Animated Emoji: The little graphic images can be customized. You can send a smiley face, but you can also make it wink, or stick its tongue out with the animated new feature.
  • Receive calls and texts: The Watch is compatible with the iPhone 5 and beyond (bad news for folks still on model 4). It can accept texts and calls.
  • Analyzes texts: The Watch looks at your incoming texts and analyzes the content. Based on that, it can suggest quick replies that you can send straight from your wrist.
  • Walkie talkie: Not just for kids anymore. Using the watch’s mic, you can send quick voice messages to other users.
  • Wi-Fi: Of course.

2. Fitness

sports band apple watch

As anticipated, the Watch is a total fitness tool. The numerous features will connect withApple’s Health app, making it the hub of all your personal body information.

  • Measures heart rate: Using a custom heart rate sensor located on the back of the watch, you can measure your heart rate at any time. Using the Watch’s Taptic Engine, you can also send a friend your heartbeat (yes, seriously).
  • Accelerometer: The Watch counts your steps, calculates the calories you’ve burned and generally measures total body activity.
  • Set workout goals: Already nestled in the gadget is an app called Workout. It gives you “real-time stats,” like your pace, the calories burned and time spent working out. You can set personal goals and the app will summarize your achievements.It also couples with the already-included Activity app, which gathers your daily fitness data. When you hit your goal in the Activity or Workout app, you can earn a special badge. The purpose of the badges is to gamify working out and keep you encouraged.

3. App Usage

One of the most exciting things about the new Watch is its overall app functionality. That’s what makes it such a powerful little tool.

  • WatchKit: The smart accessory comes with a developer tool called WatchKit, which allows developers to create third party blog/africa-2″ title=”View all articles about africa here”>” title=”View all articles about apps here”>apps. When the Watch is finally on sale, there will be a slate of new” title=”View all articles about apps here”>apps specifically created for the wristlet.

4. Miscellaneous

There are dozens of other features on the Apple Watch. Here are the most important ones.

  • iTunes and Apple TV access: It wouldn’t be a true Apple product if it didn’t have access to entertainment. You can access your iTunes library and listen to iTunes Radio, and access Apple TV with a simple swipe.There’s also a music control feature, which allows you to pause, play or skip songs, in addition to raising and lowering the volume — this feature is ideal for those working out, who want quick access to basic music controls.

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